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Rec.pets.dogs (the Usenet group) offers a variety of FAQ's (frequently asked questions) to answer general questions people have about dogs. These are the most up-to-date versions as they are the master copies. All of these files, except those that note otherwise, are copyright by Cindy Tittle Moore. Please feel free to link to any site here, but unless you are the author or have permission from me (or the author), please don't copy the web pages anywhere else -- it makes it very hard to control out of date versions. You are free to download and print a copy for your personal use, ask me for permission for any further distribution.

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 * Table of Contents  * Introduction  * Choosing A Dog  * Getting a Dog
 * Supplies for Your Dog  * Crating Your Dog  * Your New Puppy  * Your New Dog
 * Health Care Issues  * Breeding Your Dog  * MEDICAL INFO  * Behavior
 * Training Your Dog  * Service Dogs  * Working Dogs  * Misc, Part I
 * Misc, Part II  * Resources  * rpd.* Charters  * FAQ List
 * ORGANIZATIONS  * Web Sites  * Email Lists  * Acronym List
 * Fleas and Ticks  * Allergies to Pets  * Pet Loss  * Breed Rescue

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