DOG - CANINE CANCER TREATMENT AND MANAGEMENT Canine cancer treatment and management in one of our dogs started in 2008. She is now 15 years old in 2013: This letter is to recommend NuVet Plus canine wafers to anyone who has a dog with cancer. It contains my experiences with cancer in two dogs. When my 10 year old yellow female Labrador developed two large lumps, a hard one on her back and a soft hanging lump on her leg, my vet insisted on removal and testing for cancer. The tests came back positive for Mast Cell Tumors, Grade II, Both Sides from Phoenix Central Laboratory. I immediately put her on raw diet and added one wafer of the NuVet Plus to her diet. The remainder of the lumps went away and she appeared normal. At that time I put her back on dry kibble food. About two months later, I noticed she had 13 similar lumps all over her body. I put her back on raw food and one wafer. The lumps continued. The one lump on the same part of her back became as large as a golf ball. In desperation, I put her on three wafers daily with her raw food. All the lumps eventually disappeared except for the lump on her back which shrunk to the size of a pencil eraser. When my 14 year old black male Labrador developed lumps on his rear and elsewhere, I put him on raw food and wafers also. Every time the cancer lumps are almost gone, I cut back on the wafers. Every time I cut back on the wafers, the lumps return with a vengeance. We are not able to completely eliminate the lumps with the raw food and wafers, but we are able to eliminate all but one or two, which become very small. I am convinced that NuVet Plus wafers are a positive force in reducing tumors in my labs, even if I cannot eliminate them altogether. It has been about 18 months now, and so far, I can keep the tumors from spreading. Thank you NuVet Labs. Sincerely, Robert J. Morris Jr. Cougar Mountain Labs The NuVet Plus canine wafer supplement is about $25 for bottle of 90 wafers. If you decide to try this supplement, which contains a blend of dozens of ingredients including Shark Cartilage, their telephone number is 800-474-7044. You may give them my order code 65935 or not, it does not matter to me as long as you can get help for your dog. God bless and I wish the best for you and your dog. Bob