On 11/4/2018 3:47 PM, Timothy wrote: Bob, I thought you might like to see this. This is "Jet" out of Sebastian and Bodacious at almost 1 year. He performs at a Junior Master Hunter level. The picture is of a hunt last week in South Dakota. He has a tremendous nose and is a great retriever. In addition, he is great around the house. We really love this dog. Tim June/2018 I just wanted to thank you for being so honest with me through this process. I had no idea what I was getting into when finding a breeder online and communicating through email. We are so happy with our little Piper and even my surprised husband said, "wow, you really picked a great dog." My dad and mom happened to be visiting this week. My dad HATES dogs...piper's demeanor has won him over. If I can help with marketing in any way, let me know. I would be happy to write an amazing review about Cougar Mountain Labs. Thanks again, Bob!
12/5/2014 Hello Bob, So sorry it's been so long since I've updated you on our pup. My husband, Dan, and I brought home a black lab in spring 2013 (a pup of Judd and Lena). We named her Pixel and she is absolutely wonderful! She's a quick learner, incredibly loyal, and has a wonderful personality. We loved her more than we ever could have imagined since the moment we picked her up. Pixel loves swimming, retrieving, going on adventures, and earning homemade treats while learning new commands. She is so wonderfully behaved and has been a perfect addition to our family, we're so grateful we were able to adopt from you! We've been chatting about adopting another pup so I wanted to reach out to you. I know you have pups due to be born in January, but I'm not sure January is the right time for us. Will you be breeding again in the Spring? I've attached a few photos for you and your wife. Look forward to hearing from you! -Kailen Berry
7/7/2014 Here he is - a bit more dignified than in the past. I decided to postpone TDT until next year. Instead, twice a week he participates in a play group with 5 or 6 other dogs in a big field at the trainer's. He runs like the wind and is an intense player, but not a bit aggressive.(though I must say, he thinks he is the "big cheese." He is a confident dog!) We are also taking an intermediate obedience class once a week. I am so grateful for this wonderful creature! He is everything I hoped for in a dog. Oh, by the way, he weighs 65 lbs - just what you said he would weigh.
5/30/2013 Bob and Helen, What a brilliant puppy!!!!! He is doing amazingly well. He eats well, sleeps through the night (9:30 to 5:30), loves to play frisbee, sits on command (with a treat of course), often stays on his blanket to play when told to stay, and simply loves everyone! Vet exam was all positive. He is on worm medication - to be expected. I have signed him up for Puppy Talk beginning June 15th. He's adjusting to his crate - right now sound asleep in it. "A tired dog is a good dog!" So true for this bright, energetic puppy. Bottom line: Thank you so very much for creating this magnificent little creature. Hugs to Lena and Judd too! Sandy
Bob, "...Also worth noting, a college friend of my niece came over last night and we got into a conversation about labs. She was telling us that she has the most sweet and lovable lab and that she got from the "best breeder in WA State". Come to find out she was talking about you and the pup her family got from M'Lady's litter a while back which they named Gracie. They were so happy with their pup they referred a family friend to you and they ended up with Finnegan. I thought that was quite a coincidence."
3-7-2007 Bob, Several years ago my family purchased a black lab from you named Blue. This journey started for my wife and I needing a dog for our challenged son to have a friend and for me to use as a hunting dog. It has turned into so much more and we could never be happier. It has been an awesome relationship since the day he arrived. I have owned a couple field trained Labrador's in my lifetime but none of them can compare with how wonderful Blue has been. I think that either your original add said - or maybe you told me this "fully trained with no bad habits, you can simply put him on cruise control" and I remember thinking that I have never seen a lab without at least some bad habits and cruise control sounds too good to be true. You were right on the money and I would recommend your dogs and your kennel to anyone looking for an awesome dog. I was on line looking at labs and felt compelled to drop you a line to let you know how things have been going. Blue is an awesome dog and he is starting to get up in years but I don't need to search for another kennel when I retire him, I know where my next dog is coming from. I would always be glad to be a reference for you if ever needed. Regards, Donnie
Hi Bob, We had a huge training today and almost all the pups were there! All of them are doing great and looking super. I'm sure Crystal has told you that Ranger is doing a great job with his hunt work and Scout is a lovely, friendly, and energetic pup too. Solo is very bold and confident and still looks very promising. Ruby is a pistol, just coming along in training at a tremendous rate. I spent some time with Leo and Katrina on Friday. He is just a terrific retriever and will not quit. We worked him on some agility and I gave her some obedience pointers. They are on vacation in Pismo Beach this week and when they come back will start some search work. I absolutely love him and told her I would take him in a heart beat. Of course she loves him and wouldn't give him up but she knows he needs a job. Bryan and Solo are coming over on Weds. for some puppy work so that she can start some more formal training. I'm just so impressed that ALL of them look so good! :) Bryan and his family have enjoyed puppy raising Solo so much that they want to do it again. I will probably bring her back in July to start more formal training. So they would take another after her. Teresa is also super interested in a pup. So, between all of us we would like to raise 3 more pups! Can I put a deposit down on 3 pups? I'm not concerned about gender or color, just three dynamite pups! Please let me know how much of a deposit you'd like and I'll send it right away. How did Turbo look on the evaluation you gave him? And . . . thanks for breeding such great dogs! :) Hi Bob! Just had a minute to give you a pup update! Ruby is doing just super. I'm sorry you couldn't view the video, I'm not computer literate enough to do any more than that. She is doing beginning search work and just loves it. I am still moving slowly (she is only 6 months old after all!) but Ruby would like to move faster. She is ahead of the 1 year olds I have in training. Her toy drive has really turned on the last couple of weeks and she is obnoxious about it! :) Socially she is excellent, with all people, animals, and other dogs. She is wonderfully confident with her feet and can do all the disaster agility equipment already. Leo is coming over today to work on the agility equipment. I know he is driving Katrina nuts because he is so toy obsessive! She has never had such a dog! We are going to talk more about starting him in search work so I'll keep you posted. Overall the pups are doing terrifically! Teresa just told me that you are having another BK Chari litter!! Can I put dibs on a pup (or two?) Please keep me in mind! I am always interested! Hi Bob, I spoke with the hunt trainers last night and Ranger is doing great. He pays attention and grasps his concepts very fast. He will start his force work today and they think that will go very well and fast. He retrieves anything, has no fear at all, is extremely agile, and just loves the water!! He did a lot of water work yesterday and he has turned into quite the swimmer. They are amazed at his talent and the fact he is so determined. Ranger is still climbing things they call him the little spider. He just hooks his back legs and climbs. They think he just sees a barrier and likes a good challenge so up he goes. He is learning that this is not what he should do so is doing better. I think he will be GREAT for what I plan to use him for. I will be training with him this Saturday so I will try and send you some more pictures. Thanks,
2-18-2007 Bob: I thought you�d like to know that the 16 week old male black lab puppy my wife Jennifer and I purchased from you about 3 weeks ago is doing great. The kids named him �Jack.� He has such a great personality, is very interested in what we are doing, and is a very fast learner. He is doing well with the basics � sit, come, stay, retrieve, etc. We have taken to the mountains and he seems to really like the snow. Just wanted you to know Jack is happy and healthy and that we think he is the greatest. Take care,
2-18-2007 Now, for Solo. The kids love her. She has gone out and played with all the neighborhood kids each day. She has no issues with the hardwood floors, hardwood steps and slept seven hours without a peep last night!! So, crate training is going well. I have attached a picture of her doing some crate training. She also performed her first rescue this morning. She dug through my back pack and pulled out Jack's travel bowl full of food and brought it to me.
Hello Bob – I have “Icicle Valley Girl” (Valley), a yellow female out of Bk x Chari 8/04. I picked her up from you last October on the back side of Ft. Lewis. Well, we’ve been training for a year, and finally got to take her duck hunting on last Saturday’s opener. She was the only dog, and she got all 13 birds for us. I don’t have access to real birds here in Leavenworth, so this was the first time she’d seen them (other than pigeons). Of course, we set the decoys in the dark. As soon as it was legal, my partner downed a duck. Valley broke and went nuts trying to figure out where the bird was among all the stuff in the water. While I was trying to get her under control to cast her, my partner downed two more birds. She saw those. She took the cast, got the bird, brought it back, then retrieved the two marked falls. I emailed you in September, saying I made a mistake starting her on doves because she really munched them. I followed your advice, and she didn’t do it with the ducks. One cripple made it into the reeds. She went in and used her nose and got it. She brought it out where I was standing in thigh-deep water and dropped it. It dove. She looked around as if wondering where it went. Then suddenly she caught it’s scent back in the reeds, made haste in there, and got it again. She’s steady during training and delivers to hand every time. In real life, however, we need to work on both of those things. I’m going to South Dakota next week for 6 days of solid hunting – pheasant in the afternoons, ducks & geese in the mornings. It’ll be an intensive boot camp for her. I just wanted you to know, Bob, how pleased I am with this beautiful girl. She has boundless energy and tremendous drive. It’s a challenge for me. She has much more potential as a dog than I do as a trainer. She’s part of the family, and a real joy. Even at 14 months, she always has to have something in her mouth to carry around. Hope you did well at the fall hunt test. More later. Respectfully, Rick
Bob, Jessie, like Cooper and Sweet Pea, seems to be very good in the field. I don't know if I mentioned it in my letter, but she went on a pheasant hunt last December and not only kept up all day long but flushed a nice rooster for me. She loves retrieving games, and even on random walks is very aggressive about following scent trails no matter where they lead -- heavy blackberry brambles, swamps, forest understory, you name it -- and will hunt down even plastic bumpers in 6-ft grass, leaping up in the ear and pouncing on her "prey". She seems to see it as a game and wants to "play" all day long. In the water, she is equally determined, often leaping off rocks, docks and steps, even beaches once she gets knee deep, to get to the decoy as fast as possible. If she spots a duck on the water, she will try to swim it down, sometimes following it for 100 yards (at the Redmond off-leash dog park, the ducks are familiar with this behavior and are especially provocative, often letting the dog get within inches before flapping up and landing six feet away or so, and letting the dog catch up again and again). I'm planning to hunt her this fall -- just have to get my shooting back into shape. Upland only -- I can't stand to sit in a blind. Best wishes, MARK
Hi Bob, I am writing to give you an update on the two dogs I purchased from you! I bought "Precious" (now Remi) and BlackJack a little over a year ago. They came to me for training as disaster search dogs. Both of them are doing just terrifically! I sold Remi to a wonderful friend of mine who works with Sacramento Task Force 7. Remi has passed her preliminary testing as a Disaster Search Canine and will take her advanced level test in January of 2007. She has a great life and gets to live in the house and go to work with her new owner, Teresa, every day. She was my absolute favorite dog to train and has turned out to be a dynamite search dog. BlackJack, "Jack", is now living with a handler who works with Nevada Task Force 1. Jack lives in a beautiful house in Las Vegas with his family; owner Bryan, wife Sarah, and 2 lovely kids to play with. Jack is also a tremendous search dog who is also on target to take his advanced level test in January of 2007. Both dogs have terrific drive, are easy to train, have excellent temperaments, are confident, and healthy. I have worked with a lot of dogs and these are two of the best! I train with both teams at least once a month so I get to see them on a regular basis. We will send you some nice pictures of them when they certify. It is quite an accomplishment for any dog to become a FEMA Disaster Search, much less two from the same litter! If you ever have any other pups like those two, please keep me in mind. We are constantly struggling to find good dogs to train for this lifesaving work. These dogs are specifically trained in live find disaster search and will deploy in the event of a disaster, such as the World Trade Center, Hurricane Katrina, etc. I will keep you updated on their progress. Hope all is well with you, Sheila
Hi Bob: I wanted to let you know how the puppy is doing. We are calling her "Princess." She is such a "people puppy!" She had a major milestone early this morning in that she walked up the steps outside--she had been trying to avoid steps at all costs. She has a wonderful temperment. She is still getting used to being here, of course, but she really loves to be outside with us. It probably feels familiar to her because she is out in the woods. She is even getting along with our crabby cats. She is a wonderful dog. Thanks, Tara Thanks for your response Bob. Yes, it is very obvious she is a hunter. She is the most amazing retriever I have ever seen! I don't know anything about the hunt test but it sounds interesting.I will send you a picture and yes you can use this for references! Take care. >
> -------------------------------------- > Date: 12/1/98 12:34 PM > To: Shelley > From: Bob Morris > Hi Ryan and Shelley, > > Thank you for the post. You definitely did get the pick of the litter > with that pup. The poor guy doesn't know what he missed. I would > like to use your letter as reference if it is OK with you. Any > pictures would be valued very much. Also, that dog would love hunt > tests if you become interested. Please keep me posted, I love to hear > from you. > > Bob Morris > 425-235-0180 > 10730-169th SE > Renton, Wa. 98059
> > ---Shelley wrote: > > > > I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful puppy you have passed > along > > to us. We are thrilled with our Lexy! She has completed puppy class > and > > is now in the middle of regular dog obedience. She is truly a "top > dog"! > > We purchased Lexy from the January 30th liter. She is the yellow lab > > that was bought and then returned. We are very thankful for the > > opportunity to have adopted her into our life. Thanks! Ryan and > Shelley > > Ramcke >
Subject: Thank you! Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 15:07:30 -0700 Importance: high X-Priority: 1 X-Mailer: Internet Mail Service (5.5.2232.9) X-Mozilla-Status: 0001 Content-Length: 1190 Bob! Our yellow pup is doing great! Boy does that pup eat! My last full-grown lab didn't put food away like that! Vet says she is doing fine and we have her on schedule for an extensive vaccination schedule -- weight & formation look good, and I am biased, but she looked a lot better than the other lab puppies I had seen during our visit!!! In terms of naming her, we had thought of using Belle, but it really didn't fit her. Since Mary is Danish, and our last lab had a Scandinavian name (Jenta or "little girl") we had thought of calling her Elsa (With the idea of registering her as Cougar Mountain's "or else!"). She is remarkably relaxed for a pup, and suffered no separation anxiety when we brought her home away from her siblings. She acts like she's been with us for years. Most importantly I wanted to sincerely thank you for doing the wonderful work that you do towards producing such fantastic companions! I will take pictures periodically, and scan them into digital format so that I can send them back to you. We are so happy with her! Martin T.
Subject: male puppy from BK and TRUFFLES Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 11:44:27 -0800 MIME-Version: 1.0 X-Mailer: Internet Mail Service (5.5.2407.0) Content-Type: text/plain Status: OR X-Mozilla-Status: 0001 Content-Length: 520 Bob- I just wanted to email you and let you know "Kuma" is doing very well. Everyone has commented on his good looks which you always said he would be good looking. Right now he is enrolled in puppy classes and doing a good job of keeping up with the older dogs. He is a little timid but that is expected since the other dogs are older and bigger. We have taken several pictures. If you would like to see one please send me your address and I will send you a copy. Sincerely, Elizabeth
Bob: First, thanks for your response. The house-training is going a little better...small steps I suppose. It looks as though the house I'm buying will be ready in December. It's been driving me absolutely mad that you sent me that final little note about the black lab male pups you still have....I'm thinking about getting Chloe a friend. Do you recommend it? Are two dogs tripple as much patience? If it's simply double as much...I can handle it. Besides, I think Chloe would love to have a brother to play with. Are any of the males in the slightest bit mellow? My life style won't allow for a constantly wacko-banana's pooch....but, I sure am happy with Chloe!! I am almost completely certain that my mother would like one of your pups. I'm pretty sure I'll be purchasing one for her as an early Christmas present. If I purchase two...I expect that you will be the source of unending help....I am a nervous father to this pup, and I want the best for her (and her brother should I decide to get another) Please let me know what you think about me getting another pup. Bob, you've done an absolutely great job with your beautiful dogs. I mean, if you've got two generations of families in two different states wanting to buy 3're really doing something RIGHT! God Bless, Brian (& Chloe)
Subject: Just checking in! Content-type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII Content-transfer-encoding: 7bit X-Mailer: AOL 3.0 for Mac sub 79 X-Mozilla-Status: 0001 Content-Length: 1313 Hi Bob, Brian from Las Vegas here (my mom, Diane Britton, got me my beautiful new best friend from you all). I wanted to let you know that, Cougar Mountain's Chloe de Vegas ("Chloe") is doing wonderful! She is now 9 weeks old and can do the following: sit, stay (when she's in the mood), and -the most important- "kennel" which means it's time for her to go to her kennel for the night (conveniently located right next to my bed). I am so blessed with this dog. Thank you, thank you, thank you! A couple of questions... 1) Biting - Chloe (Klow-ee) loves to chew on me. She doesn't chew on anything else. She doesn't chew on furniture, carpet, doors...none of that...just me. Any suggestions? 2) House-training - no matter how much I try to get her to go outside, she starts her initial squat inside, stops, and then waits for me to get her outside. Any suggestions? I'm doing something wrong here...what is it? 3) Do you know of any quality obedience schools in this area? Or, a group or organization or website I can find to get a decent school? I'm interested in making Chloe a Champion! I know there are a lot of questions....but, I'm hoping you can answer 'em. I'll be sending you a picture of Chloe via e-mail as soon as I can scan it. Thank you! Brian
Bob, ...Baxter, on the other hand, is still quite the character. He probably weighs in at about 80 pounds now and still growing. He's got very long legs and very strong shoulders. He still thinks he's a lap dog. We just wonder when he will stop growing. He's got a personality like no other dog we've seen. He eats with our 15 year old lab and if she walks away from the dinner bowl, he will round her up and bring her back to the bowl until he feels she's had enough to eat. It's really a bizarre thing to see. We went camping this weekend to Mount Baker. He, of course, makes a bee line to the water. Just can't keep that boy out of the water. It's too bad we're not hunters. He would make an awesome bird dog. He's a very strong and fast swimmer and he is still diving. He is so alert. We feel that we are wasting all the talent that dog has. When we brought up your web site, we noticed the memorial to Misty. So sorry to read of your loss. The tribute brought tears to both of us. She must have been awesome. Thanks again, Tom & Dodie
Subject: Bob Morris! Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 23:45:51 EST From: Brian To: Hi, I just wanted to give you an update as to how Chloe is doing. She has begun basic obedience training and I'm proud to say that the trainer feels she's the smartest dog he's trained yet. I asked if he was buttering me up...but he swears he isn't. After only her 2nd lesson she is starting her off leash training. I have got to tell you that she is an AMAZING family member. I actually changed the decision of buying the house I was getting in favor of buying something on a corner lot with a bigger back yard. If you want, I'll snap a photo and send it to you via e-mail. I hope you're doing well. Any plans on pups in the summer? All my best, Brian (& Chloe)
I'll get my Digital camera out and e-mail you something in the near future. If you want a truly great letter, I can always send you something via regular mail. People looking for an incredible friend need to know about you, BK, and Truffles! Take care, Brian Baxter is doing great. We just got back from vacation and he spent the entire time swimming. If we lived on a lake, we'd probably never see him. We went to Baker Lake and he is still diving for tree roots. He is quite the dog! We couldn't ask for a better tempered, obedient or smarter creature. The grandkids crawl all over him and he just loves it. Take care and have a great summer. Tom & Dodie P.S. Are you going to breed BK with Truffles any time soon? Baxter is, well, just Baxter. He's a swimming fool. He is by far, the best well-tempered, obedient, loving companion anyone could ask for. I believe he probably got his father's disposition. What a joy he is. He would make an awesome assisted living dog. If we drop anything on the floor, he's right there to pick it up and put it in our laps.
Bob Just a note to say thank's for sending us one of the finest animals a family could have. Our puppy Neesha May is now over a year old and has provided us with great joy.Sorry we have taken so long to let you know how everything is going up here in Alaska. Neesha enjoys snowmobiling, and has become quite a good rider! Enclosed are a few pictures we have taken of Neesha. sincerely, David & Gena
Bob, the first couple of days have been great. You were right, he is pretty smart. he has already picked out which rug is his, he likes to just sit back and watch the activity around him. he is retrieving really well at this point, already retrieving little bumpers with feathers attached up to 15 feet away. Dutch
Hi Bob, I thought you might like to see a couple pictures of Pasha. She's turning out to be a real good dog. She fetches like a pro already, however she leaves something to be desired on the retrieving end of the equation. Pretty damn good for nine weeks though... I'll keep you posted as she gets older. -Nathan
Hi Bob, Marty checking in from Kenmore, WA. Just wanted you toknow that one of the two yellow females, born to BK and truffles back in late 98 has blossomed into a brilliant field dog. She is whistle trained with hand signals, and has more stamina than any lab should conceivably have. Case in point: I went hunting with my cousin and friends in Brewster for quail -- he has an english springer, which is typically thought of as a more traditional "field dog". Needless to say, over the course of the weekend I bagged 4 birds, my cousin bagged zero. Our party of six only bagged 6 birds. Your dogs' progeny seem to be hunting fools! Please feel free to post any of this as a testimonial on your website, or you can always use me as a referral! Marty
Hi, Onyx was born 2-10-03 from BK X Mercy. The date will be on your registration. I have a lot of compliments on BK pups and I'd like to add your letter to the list if it is okay. The pups usually like the squeaky toys a lot. I'm glad to hear that he has a chance to do retrieving. I am looking forward to the pictures. Thanks, Bob
Heidi Hagen wrote: Hello Bob, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know everything is going great with Onyx. He is quite a spoiled dog. He sleeps on our bed every evening. Onyx goes for walks and plays fetch with real birds every day. Our neighbor also has hunting labs and always drops by fresh birds every few days. Onyx has a few toys he loves, one is his stuffed squeak bear and he loves raw hide bones. He has his own kennel that he goes into during the day, but spends the rest of the day and evening in the house with us. He even went to work with me for a day. Everyone is so amazed at how well behaved and very smart he is. He knows his name, sit, stay, lay down, heel, hold, drop, and come. He is incredibly smart! Onyx loves car rides and riding in his crate in the back of the truck. We love him very much and everyone thanks you for letting us have the chance to own one of your great dogs. I am looking forward to having the chance later this year to buy a yellow lab. I will take some pictures with our digital camera and mail them to you. He now weighs 32 pounds! On what date was Onyx born? I'd like to know that so we can celebrate his birthday every year. Thank you again! Sincerely, The Hagen Family Enumclaw, WA
Hello Bob, It is fine to add my letter to your list. Thank you for answering my e-mail. Again we cannot believe how incredibly intelligent Onyx is. After 3 days of house breaking Onyx has not had one single accident. Onyx also seems to know what you are saying to him. We love him very much! I would recommend you highly to anyone! Thank you again! The Hagen Family
(6 month old pup) Yes I did us picture it. Yesterday we had a terrific day with Moxie she is so smart, she is learning heal really good. we took her to the beach and she was a fetching swimming fool she is so fun to watch she just loves to work. its so nice as we can walk to the beach and then when you have a wet dog you can just walk them home. do you want me to re send the picture ? it turn out quite good I put Moxie in the middle and all her kin around her. have a terrific day, Teresa
Hello,,, Just a note to let you know Moxie is doing sooooooooo excellent, We have had her 1 week today and she now knows heal on and off lead, she's learned stay, and sit,and down, and she is study on her retrieve and she now knows 4 hand signals she is so smart we love her so much it seems like we have had her forever. She has the best personality too she is hilarious we take her to the beach and when she has to go pee, she pee's in the water how funny is that. Anyway we think she has great manners and we feel so blessed to have gotten her and the Doctor that couldn't keep her well he missed out so much she is the best. Thanks again so much Moxie is an answer to prayer, God bless you and biggest hugs, Teresa, Bud and Jessica Martin.
Hey Bob! this pup continues to amaze me she can learn something in one morning and as long as i put her away or stop training when she has "got it " that's all it takes!! can't wait to get her on live birds, have seen her flash point several times on song birds, hope to get some pidgins by this weekend. I wish we lived closer to you I know you would be proud to watch her work!!! Bud Martin
In May of 2003 we bought a male black lab 'Onyx' whose Dam is Bridgit and Sire is Black Night. Onyx is 9 months old and already retrieves ducks better than most labs that have years of experience. Onyx is incredibly smart and has a one of a kind personality. We could not be happier with Cougar Mountain Labs and will purchase any and all future labs through Bob. Onyx could do doubles and triples at the age of 4 months. He knows hand signals as if he was a human. For example, at age 6 months Onyx was fully capable of blind retrieves of over 100 yards. Now at the age of 9 months and his first hunting season he has retrieved well over 100 ducks in the field and over 30 full sized geese. Onyx watches the sky while in the boat or in the blinds. The power he has is awesome. His first hunting experience was Canadian Geese that he retrieved all 9 when he was just 6 months old. OUTSTANDING FOR A YOUNG LAB. Onyx lives in a kennel during the day but comes in the house with us during the night and is family member number 5. Onyx watches over my two son's ages 15 and 9. He goes from room to room in the evenings making sure everything is okay and that they are sleeping soundly. We have had several field trial and hunting labs before Onyx. Onyx learned all the basic commands: sit, stay, lie down, hand signals and heel within a few weeks after we brought him home. We have received more compliments on Onyx from other lab owners for his personality, intelligence and talents. We highly recommend Cougar Mountain Labs. You will not be disappointed!
Hi Bob� It�s been a while since we have talked�I bought Abbey (Dynamite) from you a few years back (Mom was Konna, Dad Kodi) This was her second season hunting both waterfowl and pheasant. She is an amazing bird dog�she shakes the whole time in anticipation of the next retrieve. I included a few photos for you�beautiful dog she is. Just wanted to let you know we are both still ok. Mike